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Your Hillsboro Vision Sought For 2035 Update Sought - Be Heard!

The City of Hillsboro and the citizens put forth quite an effort 5 years ago to come up with the shared Vision for what we all wanted our town to look and feel like in the year 2035. Will we have dirty air, crowded streets, and traffic? Or will we have more parks and livability? The input that is given now will resound through the decades to come and therefore it is important that you all give your voices now.

For me, I want more of the small town charm and a little less of the "bigger is better" Hillsboro. I want my kids to be able to live here and not have to rent a garden shed because a 2 BR apartment is $3,000 dollars a month- yes that is where we are headed by 2035! I am very proud of the many assets Hillsboro has developed and of our inclusive and caring community. I have worked for more and better parks and for more flexible housing options. I want the downtown to continue on the comeback and to maintain forever the Historic storefronts and look and feel.

Housing options, affordability (and I mean real change and real bottom line living wage housing) have to be #1. Without that we lose our City as we know it. Cottages, ADU's, allowing existing large lots to have 1 or 2 additional units tastefully built on the same lot, and legalization of Tiny homes on any lot with condtions, are all big goals I am working for.

Dirk Knudsen Hillsboro Real Estate
Affordable Housing options, transit, parks, and livability are my top 2035 concerns in Hillsboro, Oregon. What are yours?

Safe streets, homelessness and resources, and better transit are on my top tier too.

What about you? What are you wanting to see? Get involved and send in your thoughts or attend an event and let your opinions and your voice ring from the rafters!

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