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Will Hillsboro's New 53rd Avenue Community Center Drive Orenco Real Estate Prices Over the Top?

Hillsboro Park at 53rd Avenue in Oregon
Hillsboro, Oregon Parks Department 53rd Avenue Community Center

Hey now! Priced in Orenco, Oregon are going up and up as we watch much off the Region struggle. And should we wonder why? No. The area is a masterful mix of housing, commercial, jobs shopping, services, trails an parks. From the Hillsboro Stadium to the Orenco Woods Nature Park and the ORENCO Max Light rail- nowhere else is quite like this place.

With recent news of Intel's Ronler Acres / D1X Expansion of an additional 1.5 Million SF we now have hit critical mass. Despite rising interest rates and slowing housing news the Orenco area is hot wit multiple bids still driving house prices up. This hot island within a slowing market is a result of consumers dirst response to the fact that this is such a great place to live.

I just sold two homes at over $237 psf in a market that is averaging $209 to $212 City wide. The continued plans for and construction of mege sports and recreational complex , the City of Hillsboro 53rd Avenue Community Center, is only going to strengthen this market happening! The complex is being built as I write this and when it opens it will be the envy or any private club or other City parks and rec department!

" "Located on the west side of 53rd Avenue, across the street from 53rd Avenue Community Park, the center will bring families, friends, and neighbors together in place that is accessible, inclusive, and affordable. The City of Hillsboro already owns the 20 acres of land that will house the community center, parking lot, and connecting trails.

The two-story facility will feature meeting rooms, basketball courts, cardio weight rooms, and more.

This center will serve everyone, with programs, activities and special events, for our youth, adults, and seniors; and for people with disabilities."

City of Hillsboro Parks and Rec-

Now you sellers in 2019 and beyond need to call me- I have clients waiting to buy and we can transact in the 2% range total if I can make that happen. Homebuyers- same applies to you. I get listings first many times and am making my buyers happier and happier daily! I want to work for you and it will cost you nothing to emplot a 30 year Veteran of this market!

Call Me or email me- I write to inform and am making moves to make our community even better! I hope to help you too!

503-799-8383 or

Thanks everyone-


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