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Trusted Partners & Vendors


It is always great to share great people that have helped our past clients.  Here is a list of some of the best in the business that you may wish to try should you need their services.


Tasi Watson - Siding Solutions Inspection Services

503-244-6610 -

"Tasi was terrific when we had a complex EIFS / Stucco repair needed and provided calm sound advice"


Jose Valdovinos Landscaping & Maintenance

​503-995-5993 -

"Worked hard for our customers, very good efficient, and bid the job affordably"

Troy Farnsworth Home Design

Really great home and project designs by one of the best in the area!

Wade Willers - W Group Lending

Wade has great service, 30 years of experience and a whole host of lending solutions for new homes, land,

and he has access to private money for those tough-to-finance deals when you need it!

Planning For Land Divisions

Trisha Clark - Planning Consultant

Trisha has 35 years in the field handling subdivisions and partitions, as well as PUDs and

a wide variety of other projects where land use planning work is needed.  She is busy and hard to pin down 

but very very good!  Reach her at

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