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How We Market Your Real Estate

No two properties are the same in terms of how I approach the marketing. Each home or real estate holding has a story to tell.  At the core of all that we do are certain precepts which are driven by the need for us to succeed for you.  Your property will receive our full attention and we will bring tools to the process that we believe are leading edge but not untested.  Always first to try new technology or ideas, I know what works and what does not.  In representing you we will utilize some or all of the following tools.

Great Photos

Your home will look amazing online in 100o's of websites. A picture is worth a thousand words so let's give them a best seller and have them wanting to but the books for themselves!

Drone Shots

We were the among the first agents to use this grondbreaking technology and if the conditions are right we use drone shots and videos to help you stand out above the rest!


Signs bring us great traffic.  Our bright colors and eycatching signs drive traffic at opens and form surrounding streets.  Our best calls are always an interested drive by buyer!

3D Home Tours

This  ground breaking technology creates an immersive experience like no other.  Fly into the home from any angle and stand in each room enjoying full 360 views  the property!

Example of 3D Home Tour
Example Drone Video Tour
Being Top Level With Video On Zillow etc...
Great Onsite Flyers & Info
Small Shot.JPG
Great Photos Go Everywhere
Interactive Marketing Tools As Well
Sign Rider.JPG
Info 2.JPG
Info 1.JPG
Jumbo Postcard.JPG
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