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Orenco Gardens Vies For Hillsboro, Oregon's Most Livable Neighborhood

While I am certainly not going to dictate which places to live in Hillsboro, Oregon are the best I will certainly have a list of places that rise to the top of my favorites! As a Real Estate Broker of 35 years here in Washington County I know the areas. I have lived in many of them and hear what my clients say, as well as what community members feel about their homes! The reasons we think some neighborhoods are among the best might include parks, or the peaceful setting, or access to shopping and schools, or just the type of homes.

Some have one or two factors that everyone loves but few places check off most of the things people seem to be looking for. One such neighborhood here in Orenco, a subdistrict of Hillsboro, is Orenco Gardens. The big master planned community was built by local legacy builder Arbor Homes and at the time they did a forward thinking job. I was on the ground as an active citizen of the area at that time and a group of us from historic Orenco got involved and wanted to see lots of parks! We also wanted to protect the Oak groves that majectically stood on the once 80 acre Farm, and to see designs that reflected the craftsmen era of Old Orenco (1907-1920). While Arbor Homes squeeled about any regulations we stood firm and the City of Hillsboro joined in the cause to create a community of distinction. What resulted at that time was record sales, the first alley loaded homes in the area, and a wonderful Community.

Now I sell homes there as much as I can and we have a new listing coming up in March of 2019. But there is never enough for sale. Rigth now there are two residences for sale out of almost 800 units. That speaks volumes. For me Orenco Gardens is a blend of the old and the new. The private neighborhood parks, the trails, direct access to MAX Ligth rail and Intel, and to shopping and schools, are all reasons the community makes the top tier of my lists!

Orenco Gardens Homes for Sale Hillsboro, Oregon
Arbor Park is one of several featured private parks in Orenco Gardens community in Hillsboro, Oregon

Rather than drone on about Orenco Gardens let me share an interactive Video I made about the community. If you are looking to buy or sell a home or real estate in this area consider calling me- 503-799-8383. Dirk Knudsen Real Estate @ MORE Realty just broke the record price per Square Foot and found a buyer ecstatic to be out of the rental trap!

I send the listings we get first to those on my short list of buyers and sellers and have a process of delivering new propertie within 15 minutes of them hitting the market! We would love to have you on that list!

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