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I Will Be Writing About Hillsboro, Oregon Real Estate & Communities

Because I call Hillsboro, Oregon home and many of my clients reside here, much of my work happens here. Much of my life has been here and it is fair to say I have had a lot of experience meeting people and helping businesses here. One of the fastest growing places in Oregon if not the USA, Hillsboro is the economic engine of the State!

From the Skyline Ridge North of Hillsboro, Oregon the Cities many factories are evident.
Looking down on Hillsboro from Skyline Blvd. we can see the many factories and employers.

To Understand Hillsboro Real Estate

In order to understand the real estate market ongoing in the community and the surrounding towns we will need to begin to discuss the many aspects of our zoning and systems, along with Oregon's laws, to get a grip on the forces pushing the market. I will be doing some stories that cover this factors so keep and eye out on that.

A photo of the population sign alonh Highway 8 from 1968
Hillsboro, Oregon had a population of 10,578 in the Summer of 1968 when this photo was taken.

Population Explosion Tracked

A friend from High School had this photograph of the Hillsboro, Oregon Population shot along the edge of Highway 8. This photo was from 1968 and shows us that just over 10,000 people lived in Hillsboro that year. Our population eclipsed 100,000 in 2017 and continues to grow at about 70 people per day as 2019 gets underway!

More to follow on this story - make sure to #CallDirk at 503-799-8383 if real estate or news from around Hillsboro are on your mind!

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