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What Will Oregon Real Estate Do In 2019?

It was an interesting 2018 that is for sure. As the Winter real estate market gets going on January 2nd, 2019 the signs of a slow down are everywhere. Homes are taking longer to sell in many of Oregon's towns and communities but in some places prices are still moving up!

Hillsboro Holds Firm As Other Areas Slide A Bit

You can look at the January 2019 report for Hillsboro above and I have arranged for you readers to be able to see the market reports for Hillsboro and other areas as they come in each month. These very important data points are what real estate experts like me watch to help properly advise our sellers and our buyers! You can sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive these reports each month!

Hillsboro, Oregon is still a sellers market. But prices are flat in the upper two quartiles and even retreating in some cases. The overal market is actually doing quite well but average days on market, which was once 2 days, is now about 3 months. Keep your eyes open on this- Hillsboro is among the strongest markets in the Pacific NW and it is all because the jobs are here, traffic is becoming the main topic around the water coolers, and inverntory is still tight!

MORE REPORTS COMING.... in the meantime make sure to call Dirk at 503-799-8383 so you can take advantages of these changes.

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